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Considering Different Types of Cooling Systems

Cooling systems have been around for 100 years, but only in the last 20 to 30 years have most Americans had individual air conditioners in their homes and cars. Optimal performance is the result of proper maintenance. Cooling systems require heat in order to work as designed. There are three fundamental types of air conditioners: separate circuit, combined circuit, and air-to-air aftercooling....(more)

Keurig Mini Reviews

Are you tired of letting a full cup of coffee go to waste? The mini Keurig machine brews a single cup of coffee at a time, with the option to make more. Some benefits of this product include its easy controls and stylish colors. Those who are living in a smaller space, or working in a commercial building without much storage space, will appreciate the compact size of this houseware product....(more)

Best Commercial Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

When it comes to keeping your employees happy and healthy, there are lots of things you can do. If your business is a small convenience store, coffee shop, ice cream parlor, or restaurant, you need to concentrate on items to put on the ground to keep employees healthy. In a business that requires a lot of walking and standing, you need to protect their greatest assets, which are their feet. But sifting through the best anti fatigue mat takes some research....(more)

Weighing Home Heating Options

Home heating costs vary widely based on several factors. These include geographic location, the type of heating used in the home, how efficient the heating system operates, and the amount of heat loss as a result of poor insulation. Is it possible to conserve fuel, spend less, and think about the environment? The information presented here focuses on a variety of home heating options available....(more)


Helpful Facts About the Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush

Cleaning the toilet bowl is a job that most people dislike. The germs that are in the bowl make it one of the toughest jobs in the house. With the invention of the Scrubbing Bubble Fresh Brush, the job is made a little easier. There is no germy cleaning pad to store, everything is disposable, and you never have to get your hands dirty cleaning the toilet again....(more)

Toilet Cleaning Gels

Toilet bowl cleaners come in a few forms. Creams, liquids, gels, and powders are common materials for the task. If desired, consumers have multiple toilet cleaning gel products to choose from. They are usually designed to be thick and effective at cleaning the entire bowl. Listed below are five toilet cleaning gels that are currently available in stores and by mail order....(more)


Appliances 101: Styles of Microwaves

Microwaves are used multiple times a day and are considered a staple in the kitchen. When replacing a current microwave, consumers will most likely choose the same style already installed. When remodeling a kitchen, there are choices. Microwaves are sold in four styles: over-the-range (OTR), counter-top, built-in, and drawers. All major appliance manufacturers offer many of these styles in black, white, bisque (almond), and stainless steel finishes. This article will focus on the four styles of microwaves and how they integrate into a kitchen design....(more)

How the Off Powerpad Lamp Works

Summer is a time to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors. So you can imagine that when you're out there, the last thing you want is swarming mosquitoes ruining your fun. These tiny annoying insects leave you with itchy bumps after sucking your blood. They have even been known to transmit dangerous diseases. The Off Powerpad Lamp is a way to keep these pests at bay without hosing yourself down with bug spray....(more)

Breathe Easy with an Ionizing Air Purifier

Breathing is the most important function that our bodies perform. You can live without food or water for some time, but just a few minutes without air is fatal. Air quality can be a huge factor in why your ailments might keep visiting you. Perhaps you have allergies. These can also be greatly reduced by healthier air. Consider an ionizer air purifier today to help you filter the air in your home....(more)

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